Using feedback to increase your customer engagement

User giving a 5 star review

Once your customers stop using your product and engaging with your brand, it’s a quick process for them to cut all ties with your business. To prevent that from happening, it should be your business’ priority to keep them satisfied and engaged – but how do you do that?

By reaching out and listening to what they want from you via feedback!

From being able to help you improve your products and services to measuring customer satisfaction, validating your customer’s opinions and helping to gather data that will help your business make key decisions, collecting customer feedback has a number of benefits for boosting your business’ engagement.

Your customer’s opinion is a valuable resource for adjusting your actions to suit the needs of your consumers and empowering positive change. 

“The best way to simply hear the voice of your customer is through their own feedback”

No matter what you think about your business’ products and services, it’s your customers who will hold the key information about what’s working, what’s not and everything else in between.

The most effective way to ensure that customers are satisfied and engaged is to provide them with what they want – and there’s no better way to gauge their demands than asking your customers directly what they’re looking for.

There are multiple different ways you can collect feedback, including:

  • Long form-based surveys – a survey form with a set of questions that are typically sent in an email.
  • Short in-app surveys – if your business has an app, offering short surveys while your customer is using your app can help prompt them to offer feedback on particular features.
  • Polls – polls posted on social media is a quick yet effective way of gathering feedback, which can help gather more insight.

You can include questions about what makes your products and services easy/hard to use, what features your customers would want to be prioritised, what would help them use your product/services more and what support they may be lacking.

Gathering feedback can often be tricky as customers may feel like it’s a time-consuming process with very little reward in return. That’s why offering incentives, such as discounts or free shipping on their next order in exchange for their input can encourage them to offer their opinions.

Once you’ve taken your feedback into consideration, you can take your strategy to the next level by showcasing the amendments you’ve made to your customers, thanks to their suggestions. 

By demonstrating that your business can make change based off of what they want to see, you’ll be guaranteed to see increase engagement and retention rates within your customer base. 

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