Interview – Women in Customer Success Podcast

I have had a great conversation with Marija. We've talked about digital marketing and my career in customer success. This is a conversation about:👍our role models (yes - we are talking about Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, and Sheryl Sandberg)👍personal development journeys👍the books that helped us along the way👍the power of teaching and mentoring 🎧Tune in and … Continue reading Interview – Women in Customer Success Podcast

10 tips to build great client relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with your clients is the most important part of so many industries. Keeping them invested, maintaining expectations, and staying positive can be difficult for anyone taking their first steps in business. Even for more experienced professionals, it can be very useful to be reminded of some of the fundamentals of managing … Continue reading 10 tips to build great client relationship

Talk – Smart Insights Digital Summit

I have shared strategies on how to include search data into content creation and optimization. In this practical webinar, we’ve looked at: - How to create content that meets the expectations of your target audience - How to use search intent to know what users want - Learn how to identify relevant topics - How … Continue reading Talk – Smart Insights Digital Summit