DO & Don’t – Dealing With Difficult People!

As a business owner you meet a lot of people and it is sometimes difficult to deal with them.It’s usually the same type of person who creates trouble. That person that has a strong personally, he/she is unprofessional and unreliable and he / she  creates a ‘personality conflict”, and he/she makes your life hard, and prevents your progress.

You will always find Mr or Mrs Difficult, but if you deal with the issue you will get great satisfaction. Knowing how to deal with those people gives you stronger people management skills that are crucial to develop your confidence as business owner. Keep in your mind that the way you handle conflict will have an impact on the way you are viewed within your industry.

So I have compiled the Dos and Don’ts to handle conflicts with difficult people.


 ·      Don’t excuse the person’s behaviour, face the issue

·      Don’t delay the work to tackle the issues

·      Don’t blame the other person only, consider the issues on both sides

·      Don’t protect the difficult person

·      Don’t wait too long to resolve the issue, it will get worse

·       Don’t avoid the problem, thinking it will end by itself

·      Don’t let your emotions affect you

·      Don’t try to win the conflict, it will get worse

·      Don’t take the conflict personally

·      Don’t confront the other person with negativity


·      Be assertive but be respectful, stay calm, and professional

·     Have an informal conversation over a coffee with him/her

·      Step into the other person’s shoes

·      Recognize your contribution to the problem

·      Share the problem with a trustworthy friend / partner

·      Make the time for dealing the issues

·      Find a mentor or supporter to help you find solutions

·      Analyse your own emotions and behaviour towards the difficult person

·      Keep records of emails, letters, conversations, and actions taken

·      Contact counsellor organisations for advice

·      Find the roots of the issue and react positively

·      Analyse how your behaviour has affected the relationship

·      Bring a solution to resolve the issues; try to improve the situation

·      Make compromises that will cool down the atmosphere

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

2 thoughts on “DO & Don’t – Dealing With Difficult People!

    1. Hi Eloine,
      Thank you for your comment.
      If you have a smelly colleague , I would suggest you to speak to your manager. He should speak to your co-worker privately in order to give him grooming advices.
      I hope it helps.

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