Keys to Career Sucess !


I have realised that the main barriers to career advancement is the lack of knowledge about career  management, and how to meet success and satisfaction. In fact, people tend to follow career path without truly having set goals.
In today’s uncertainty, it’s crucial to control one’s career, and change direction when needed to sustain one’s position within the current job market.

Career management is being able to identify one’s own “strengths and weaknesses, and needs and wants; of being able to identify relevant opportunities, and access information on them; of being able to take career-related decisions; and of being able to present oneself effectively in order to gain access to courses or jobs”. (OECD)

After several readings, observations, and much questioning, I found there are important elements to strategically manage in order to attain success. I summarise those keys areas for successful career management in a blog post series. This is related to the following areas:

  • Set Career objectives
  • Self development skills
  • Network of relationships
  • Career planning
  • Qualification
  • Learning and Development
  • Mentorship
  • Personal Branding

(picture by Victor1558 in Flickr)

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