4 Reasons Why your Social Media Strategy Doesn’t Work!

social media failure

You are not attracting the right followers

Your social network followers should be based on quality and not quantity. You should aim to attract potential customers, people who are more likely to buy your products or services. By attracting the right audience you are more likely to increase the number of visitors on your website and you would get higher engagement. So create the profile of you ideal customers and find ways to attract them on your social networks.

You are share relevant contents

If you share irrelevant contents, you will not get engagements from your audience. You should make sure everything you share is interesting, and solve a specific issues. You should create a profile of your audience – age, gender, and interests and then develop contents appealing to them. Make sure it is helpful and useful for them.

You do not solve your follower problems

Despite being funny and entertaining, the pictures, texts you’re sharing might not solve your followers’ problems. In fact, people are only interested in contents that solve their own issues. They want to make sure they get something valuable from you. So have a clear understanding of your audience and try to bring innovation ideas to help them solve their personal or Professional issues.

You’re not sociable

If you are like most of the people; you might be just sharing contents without interacting with your fans. However you should spend more time talking to them, replying to emails, and comments on their page. This will allow you to create a relationship with your connections and increase your influence.

You share at the wrong time

You should have a clear understanding of you audience habits. Try to see the best time of the day they are more likely to be online. Once you have all those information, share your contents according to your followers’ behaviors.

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