10 Key Strategies to Build Online Community

“More than half (58%) of consumers aged 25 to 34 say they'd be likely to spend more money on a brand's products and services if they were part of its community “ ( marcommnews.com) Consumers come together when they feel the brand represents them and their values. The internet has played a vital role in … Continue reading 10 Key Strategies to Build Online Community

7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Product Reviews

You know that product reviews are essential for ecommerce. The main benefits are brand awareness, SEO, brand trust and sale. However it is challenging to get reviews at scale and see the direct impact on sale.  This article shows you tactics on how to boost product reviews and get results. It highlights the following: 1. … Continue reading 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Product Reviews


5 Creative Ways to Repurpose UGC in Your Marketing Mix

UGC (User Generated Content) is key in driving sales. Most brands now use UGC as part of their content strategies. As marketers we use UGC a tool to connect with consumers, increase engagement, develop brand loyalty, and generate sales. In this article from The Insiders, you will find 5 ways to use UGC on your … Continue reading 5 Creative Ways to Repurpose UGC in Your Marketing Mix


Identify Your Ideal Influencer

What will your ideal influencer look like? Consider your niche, the topics you would like your influencer to share, and what kind of following and reach you would like him or her to own. The key influencer attributes you should consider include: Resonance: What is the engagement level of your influencer’s audience? What number of shares, comments, and likes do they get for each post? Relevance: … Continue reading Identify Your Ideal Influencer


The Influencer Marketing Revolution [Infographic]

Influencer marketing can have a significant impact on your marketing ROI. "For example, 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, and influencer marketing can generate up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising." The infographic below shows you the benefits of influencer marketing and looks at the difference between macro … Continue reading The Influencer Marketing Revolution [Infographic]