Identify Your Ideal Influencer

Influencer_marketing_beautyWhat will your ideal influencer look like? Consider your niche, the topics you would like your influencer to share, and what kind of following and reach you would like him or her to own.

The key influencer attributes you should consider include:

Resonance: What is the engagement level of your influencer’s audience? What number of shares, comments, and likes do they get for each post?

Relevance: Influencers interests  have to be relevant to your brand message. For instance,  if their interests are travel, health, fitness narrow it down to one or two themes.

Niche: Choose relevant niches to explore. If your theme is electronics, and your demographic is men, you may target influencers developing content around tech tips for men.

Topic: Your topics should be the conversations your potential influencers are having. For instance, computers, gaming, parenthood.

Personality: You should work with influencers who are aligned with brand’s mission and message. They should develop content, which work seamlessly into their own.

Reach: You could select influencers based on their reach. However this is not always the best method. It depends on your objective. In stance, if you aim for high engagement, a micro-influencer is a better choice over a social media celebrity  influencer.

Ensure the influencers are aligned with your brand value, your mission and brand message.

Image source : Instagram

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