15 Things To Achieve Before Asking a Pay Rise!

Come a time where you feel that you deserve a bigger pay cheque. However a pay rise does not come easily. It is  not due to the length of work, or the number of deals you made during that month. Your pay rise is down to several criteria. So, before asking your boss to have an increase of salary make sure that you have achieved several things and that it’s the right time to make a request.

Here is a checklist you can use before asking for a pay rise:

1.    You have been beyond and above your job description regularly.

2.    You are highly valuable to the company due to your hard working.

3.    You have taken initiatives.

4.    You have saved the company time & money.

5.    You have improved any processes/systems.

6.    Your company policies advance salaries on performance.

7.    Your salary is lower than other people’s in the industry.

8.    You know the company results are positive.

9.    You are doing more than 20% more in your responsibilities.

10. You have been in the company for more than one year.

11. You have shown commitment to the company, and your long-term goals within the company.

12. Your salary is lower than people with similar years of experience.

13. Your salary is lower than other people’s in your region.

14. Inflation is higher than in the previous year.

15. Your industry is in good health and companies are recruiting.

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