Self-Motivation – List your Achievements


It is the beginning of the year, I guess you have decided to start a new project or a new business. I know it’s hard to start; but don’t try to get motivation from people but find it inside you. We all tend to seek for approval from others, but we forget that everything is from within. It’ s about finding your own worth and your own value. It’s tempting to feel joy once we get a compliment but it doesn’t last long because once people criticise us, we feel sad. So the best way is to find the strength and the motivation from you. However it is not easy to do so because we grow up that way. So I will suggest you find strength within yourself by working on it.

The best way to trust yourself is to remind yourself of your accomplishments and develop your self-esteem. You have to be convinced of your own worth – Nobody can do it for you. List the accomplishments you’ve had, the challenges that you   have tackled. This will remind you of your own worth. Listing those accomplishments will enable you to value yourself.  It’s easy to forget what we did in the past and lose confidence. If you have been able to accomplish amazing things in the past you can do the same again. Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Use your past to move forward. Realise that you’re unique and you’re able to accomplish amazing things. You, realising your worth can only develop self-esteem. Focus on the positive side and take away the negative thoughts. Believe that you deserve great things in your life. This will give you the strength to move forward.

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