Self-Motivation – Follow Your Dreams

rabbit - Follow-Your-Dreams-mydailyoracle5-456x300

Follow your dream and follow your own vision. Don’t try to copy people; you’re the only one knowing what is best for you. It’s not easy obviously because we are uncertain about what is good or bad. But you can just look in your past or look at what you like doing and you will easily see that you can make amazing things if you follow your dreams. I am sure that if you look at your accomplishments it has been for things that you’ve enjoyed doing and find passion in. So just carry on. Start and don’t try to please people. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t try to be perfect, or convey to a certain image. Just follow what is good for you. It might not be perfect or it might not work out but it’s you who decide.

Pic: Rabbib

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