Healthy Snack To Help You Stay Focus


Like every women I am always trying to stay in shape. Being a female entrepreneur makes it difficult to have a balanced diet all the time. With long hours of work, our diet is not our first priority. I have realised that diet is very important to keep energy during work, maintain motivation and be productive. So I keep a healthy diet and the choice of snacks is as important as the main meals. Eating satisfying and tasty snacks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon helps you cope with tiredness and lack of focus. So I am sharing healthy snacks ideas to help you stay focused and productive.

1. Nuts –  You should eat a handful of nuts. Almonds or cashews are good options. They contain good fat but can be high in calories. Eat a small portion of nuts, otherwise it could have an inverse effect.

2.  Dried Fruits –  Dried fruits are truly tasty and healthy. You could go for mangoes, apples, pears, or berries. They are good options, but make sure you choose dried fruits without added sugar.

3. Carrots &  Humous – They are very good option, as it’s truly  satisfying, and filling. You can  easily find a ready pack from supermarkets. Simply ensure you buy low fat and low sugar  humous.

5. Yoghurt & Fruits – The best option for a good kick in the afternoon. It’s filling, tasty, and low calories. For those who need a bit of sweet during the day, this is the perfect mix. Yoghurt brings the calcium you need, and you get your daily allowance of fruits. Pears and apples are the best fruits as they are filling and very low in calories.

6. Cheese & Crackers – Cheese and crackers are tasty, and lower craving instantly. Make sure you eat a small piece of cheese with whole grain crackers.

So when you are tempted to go to the vending machine to grab a chocolate bar, think twice. You have several options to get healthy snacks during the day. Carry them in your bag, and bring them to work.

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