How to beat stress as a business owner

Stress is called the “20th century disease”, job stress can cause health problems such as depression, weight gain, and memory and concentration issues. An increase in stress levels prevents us from moving forward, and causes us to be unproductive whilst doing work. It generates unusual feelings, and makes us behave in a non-natural way. It is sometimes difficult to relax, so I am sharing a number of effective methods to manage stress.

1. Yoga

The best way to beat stress is to relax and unwind. Practising yoga enables you to clear your mind and relax your body. After a yoga class, you naturally feel a great sense of wellbeing. So when you feel stressed, try to practice yoga after-work or in the morning.

2. Connect with friends

A problem shared is a problem reduced. Your network of friends, family and business colleagues could help you cope with stress. Having drinks or dinner with friends enables me to relax and see things differently. Laughing is a great stress reliever, so when you feel stressed, go out and meet people.

3. Meditation for positive thinking

Try to meditating every morning, focus on looking at things positively and list the things that went well during a day. This enables you to develop a more positive mind-set. Problems tend to be a matter of perspective; so changing your thoughts helps you see things more positively.

4. Work smarter, not harder

Review your weekly or monthly schedule and prioritise your tasks. Research has shown that stress comes from poor productivity skills. Good time management is about focusing on having quality work and not quantity. Prioritise your work, and focus on the most important activities. Leave the least urgent and unimportant tasks. So try to follow the principles of time management and planning.

5. Have some “me time”

Take time to relax after-work, or during the weekend. Go for a walk, or simply relax at home on your own. It’s really important as it allows you to focus on yourself and unwind from work and other responsibilities.

This article was originally published on We are The City.

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