Find Motivation from Within When You Start a New Project!

It’s January, I guess you have decided to start a new project or a new business. I know it’s hard to start; but don’t try to get motivation from people but find it inside you. We all tend to seek for approval from others, but we forget that everything is from within. It’ s about finding your own worth and your own value. It’s tempting to feel joy once we get a compliment but it doesn’t last long because once people criticise us, we feel sad. So the best way is to find the strength and the motivation from you. However it is not easy to do so because we grow up that way. So I will suggest you find strength within yourself by working on it. Here are some suggestions:

List your accomplishments – The best way to trust yourself is to remind yourself of your accomplishments and develop your self-esteem. You have to be convinced of your own worth – Nobody can do it for you. List the accomplishments you’ve had, the challenges that you   have tackled. This will remind you of your own worth. Listing those accomplishments will enable you to value yourself.  It’s easy to forget what we did in the past and lose confidence. If you have been able to accomplish amazing things in the past you can do the same again. Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Use your past to move forward. Realise that you’re unique and you’re able to accomplish amazing things. You, realising your worth can only develop self-esteem. Focus on the positive side and take away the negative thoughts. Believe that you deserve great things in your life. This will give you the strength to move forward.

Take actions everyday – Take actions, act now and stop thinking. Stop trying to find the best way to do things.  Taking actions are the best way to gain confidence and believe in you. Spending too much time thinking is a waste of time.  All right I am not saying you have to take risky actions. However I am saying that if you want to start a new project, start doing small things in order to start immediately. Taking actions gives you confidence and gives you the motivation to move forward. The motivation you gain will help you believe in yourself. As you know self-confidence is key for success in any project or activity. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake or not. You will feel good for having done something for yourself. So carry on and take actions. Start now!

Follow your own dream and own visions – Follow your dream and follow your own vision. Don’t try to copy people; you’re the only one knowing what is best for you. It’s not easy obviously because we are uncertain about what is good or bad. But you can just look in your past or look at what you like doing and you will easily see that you can make amazing things if you follow your dreams. I am sure that if you look at your accomplishments it has been for things that you’ve enjoyed doing and find passion in. So just carry on. Start and don’t try to please people. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t try to be perfect, or convey to a certain image. Just follow what is good for you. It might not be perfect or it might not work out but it’s you who decide.

Hang out with people who support you and give you motivation – Hangout with the right people! Hang out with people who share the same vision about life. Sometimes it’s difficult when your friends don’t share the same idea as you or they are simply not interested in your ideas or new project. Don’t try to drag them to your new project if they are not interested. Just try to do it on your own and make new friends. Try to meet new people who share the same vision about life. Those sharing values will be very helpful, as those people will help you achieve your goals. They will give you advice, and will give you motivation everyday. You can’t do it on your own – you need a crew of people. You need the right vibe to move forwards. Meet those new people and make new friends. Do activities with them, and you will see changes in your life. And you will find a new motivation, new ideas and amazing opportunities.

Don’t listen to people’s fear but only to yourself – Don’t listen to people. People tend to tell you negative things about your new project. Don’t take it personally, because people tend to transfer their own fear to you and tend to say negative things. Comments such as your idea might not work or that your project is not feasible. Don’t listen to them. We all have a tendency to see the negative side of things. You shouldn’t listen to them. Just carry on with your own things and things will work out for you. If you waste your time listening to them, it might give you low motivation and you won’t be able to carry on. When you start a new project, nobody understands what you’re doing. Nobody knows what you mean. So they will always be people who don’t understand and don’t know why you’re wasting your time. So don’t try to justify yourself. Do what is good for you. If you focus yourself on people’s opinion you will spend your time stressing out because you will never please people. It’s a waste of time to try to make people understand your idea, especially if they are not part of your industry, or project.

Simply focus on your goals and keep going ! Good Luck !

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