Boring content = Boring brand!

We all know that content is king! We all know that a company must share content online. Content helps a company communicate its brand value and differentiate its products from those of its competitors. Today, content marketing must focus on building brand authority. Content has to help a brand show its expertise to increase its brand perception, build customer trust and, consequently, loyalty. Brands have to develop clear content marketing strategies in order to gain authority.

You can use the ‘Content Pyramid’ framework to plan your content in a way that helps you develop your brand thought leadership. This framework demonstrates the steps a brand should take to achieve thought leadership and brand loyalty. The brand pyramid is divided into three levels:

Presence content – Creating an audience by sharing content about the brand’s history, product features.

Thought content – Sharing educational content that brings value to the consumer. The company shares content to showcase its expertise.

Evangelism content – Sharing engaging content to establish two-way communication between the brand and its customers. Customers tell their story about the brand by sharing user-generated content online. Build brand trust and brand ambassador.


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