How to boost your emotional intelligence for marketing success

Only 1 in 3 consumers believe their favourite brands truly understand them. So, as a business, what can you do to make sure every single one of your customers feels understood? 

Two words: Emotional intelligence. 

Many marketers consider Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be one of the most influential factors that drives sales and makes an impact – and I agree. 

Why? Because EQ allows you to inspire and understand your customer’s behaviour and recognise exactly what they want from your business, so you can deliver. 

EQ is a combination of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. It refers to our ability to understand moods, behaviours and impulses and control them to adapt to various contexts. If you can combine all of those components, you can create a marketing strategy that reaches out and strikes a chord with your audience to produce beneficial results for your brand. 

Most marketers believe that EQ is used to simply trigger an emotional response but they’re wrong. it’s a lot more than that. By working on improving your EQ, marketers can learn to empathise with the consumers and bridge the gap between what they want and what their customers want – a win, win situation for both parties. 

Today, I’ll be showing you a few ways that you can boost your emotional intelligence to achieve marketing success. 

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes 

By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you can empathise with them and determine what it is that they need from your brand. As a marketer you want to create long-lasting loyalty, so going above and beyond to find out what your customers want is the best way to guarantee that. 

Place EQ at the heart of your campaigns  

EQ isn’t something you should just throw on at the end of marketing campaign. It’s something you should integrate into every step, in order to see the most impactful results. 

Build rapport with your customers  

Connecting with your customers is one of the most vital aspects of running a business. By utilising your EQ skills and having conversations with your customers, you can gain valuable knowledge about them. From there, you can tell a story through your campaigns and motivate them to buy your products/services. 

Let your brand’s personality shine through 

Every company consists of human beings, but it doesn’t always come across that way. Showcasing your brand’s personality and voice when communicating with your customers will help you build a deeper connection. Speaking as though you’re a computer-generated robot is one of the biggest barriers to achieving EQ in marketing, so it’s important to display your human side. 

Listen to feedback 

Social listening is a great opportunity to grow your business. It’s the process of listening to what other people are saying about your brand, taking that feedback on board and making the necessary changes. You should take notes from what people think of your brand and what they expect from you in the future. 

One of the best things is that unlike your IQ, you can develop and work on your EQ. The more time you devote to perfecting your EQ, the more effective your results will be. 

Ultimately, creating an emotional connection will help improve customer engagement, retention and will lead to better higher conversion and sale rates. Creating emotionally intelligent marketing campaigns will help you deliver valuable content, while also resonating with your audience – leading to long lasting customer relationships. 

If you want to delve further into the world of Emotional Intelligence and the benefits it can have on your marketing strategy, get in touch at and I can assist you. 

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